Oak Room

- A bar in the heart of Nørrebro -

Oak Room is a cocktail bar where everybody is welcome.

We emphasize kind and welcoming hosting, so everybody feels appreciated the moment they walk in the door.

Furthermore it is of upmost importance for us that the quality we deliver is second to none. That being both service, atmosphere and drinks crafted in the bar.

We produce our own syrups, squeezes our fruits freshly and have a broad selection of liquor. All in trend with the respect for the craft of making excellent drinks…

Welcome to Oak Room

Under the Oak​

  • The bartender is like God. Or your mother. Everything
    ​​he or she says is the law
  • Keep your drinks inside past midnight and your wits about you at all times
  • Sleep at home and not at your favourite bar, mommy says
  • Treat people respectfully. They will most likely treat you likewise

  • ​If however you are misbehaving, we will escort you out
  • Illegal substances? Mommy does not tolerate that in any form

  • Just “hanging out” an hour after last ordered drink means we can seat someone else at our table
  • If you leave one poor fellow behind without paying, he has to cover the tab
  • And oh - Yawning and snuggin in the bar will come at a cost of tequila shots for the tenders...

Opening hours




18.00 - 01.00


18.00 - 01.00


18.00 - 02.00


18.00 - 04.00


18.00 - 04.00



Contact info

Phone: +45 38 60 38 60

E-mail: info@oakroom.dk

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Birkegade 10, kl. tv.

2200 København N

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