Oak Room is one of the pioneering cocktail bars in Copenhagen, as it opened the doors for the first time in the spring of 2004. We strive our self in good service, well-balanced drinks and good music. Everybody is welcome in our relaxed and cosy environment and at Oak Room we’d love to be the host for your night out. The bar is split in four and ranges from two beautiful terraces, to intimate booths with table service and a room where our DJs get the party jumping on the weekends.

The Liquid


Your bartender is God


What the bartender says goes – his or her word is the law
No drinks outside past midnight
We like our neighbours so keep it down outside – No yelling
No sleeping in the bar or at the tables
Treat others how you would like to be treated
Don’t be an idiot or you’ll be asked to leave
Our energy drink is coffee
No drugs allowed
We encourage everybody to put away their phones and interact with the people in the bar
We reserve the right to ask back our table one hour after last ordered drink
We reserve the right to ask the last people in a group to pay for the remaining of an unpaid bill
Now shut up, enjoy yourself and drink
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To make sure everybody in your group can have a seat, please book a table in advance, as we are a place with limited space. Groups larger than 5 people are strongly encouraged to reserve a table. If delayed more than 15 minutes please call us, or you might lose your table. If you cannot make it please send a cancellation email preferably a day in advance.
"The bartender is like God. Or your mother. Everything he or she says is the law."
Oak Room


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We are always willing to help out with a professional bar at your private party. We do everything from cocktail master classes to spirit tastings or set up a cocktail bar in your private settings. Send us an email with your specific request and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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